Thank-you For Making My Day

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January 10, 2014
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February 5, 2014

Thank-you For Making My Day

By Laura Chestnut, Business Administrator at Oracle Charter School


I came in to the office this morning, and there was water in the coffee maker. It started

my day with a grateful smile. I realized that there has been water in the coffee maker for

the last couple of months, thank-you.


I try to thank people when they do things for me, but there are many things that people

take it upon themselves to do just because they know you need it done at that moment,

or that doing it will make life easier for people in general. I hope they know this hasn’t

gone unrecognized …. like …. filling up the coffee machine.


Thank-you for bringing heavier deliveries to my office without me asking, that I could

have handled in several trips.


Thank-you, for taking over that job that I committed to, when I got overwhelmed with

other things.


Thank-you for just taking care of it, rather than re-explaining some tech issue and making

me do it when I’ve reached THAT place.


Thank-you for always having cookies in a cookie jar.


Thank-you to students who greet me in the hall with a smile, and who open doors for me,

and make me feel visible in your teenage world.


Thank-you all, for pulling together to fix issues rather than just finger pointing.


Thank-you all for thanking me.


What makes your day?


Oracle Charter is the best high school in Buffalo, NY with staff and students who make

my day!