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Written by Abimael Manso an ESL student at Oracle Charter high school in Buffalo, NY.  


I have 2 parakeets. I have parakeets because they are adorable. They are so playful when I take them out of the cage to play with them. I put them on my shoulders or on my fingers and walk around the house with them so that they can get use to it. The male parakeet that I got is blue on the bottom and white on the top. The female parakeet  is green on the bottom and yellow on the top. They like to play a lot together in the cage, and when I take them out of the cage. The parakeets often fly all around my room so that they can stretch their wings. My grandma gave me the two parakeets because she knows that I could take care of them very well.  I clean the cage every 3 days so that the birds can live in a clean environment and not feel so dirty. My grandma also cleans her bird cage every 3 days. If the cage gets too dirty, there is a risk that the parakeets could die or get sick. My parakeets love to be together and have been since they were babies when they were at my grandma’s house.

It is my recommendation that other people get parakeets as pets, because they are very friendly with people and are fairly low maintenance. Just like any other pet, they enjoy being loved and appreciated.


According to Google, the definition of a parakeet is a “BUDGIE-an Australian parakeet, Melopsittacus undulatus, having greenish plumage with black and yellow markings, bred as a pet in a variety of colors.” Parakeets are so playful with humans but if you hurt them they will fly away from you or bite you because, just like humans, they don’t like to get hurt. They like some toys to be in their cage because if you leave they will have something to play with so they don’t feel so sad and lonely. They also need a toy that they could chew on.

The female budgie will lay an egg every 2 days until she has 4 to 8 eggs. While the mother budgie is busy keeping the eggs warm, it is the father’s job to feed the mother and protect the nest.

The male parakeet has a blue nose and the female has a brown skin nose. “The body temperature for a parakeet is over 102 degrees and their heart beats over 200 times a minute.” All budgies can learn to mimic human speech if they spend a lot of time with people” (“Parakeet Fun Facts”).  Many people think that budgies are hands off birds that should stay in their cages. “Many pet stores keep them in large groups and most breeders do not handle the young. These birds never get the chance to socialize with humans and tend to be frightened of them” (“Parakeet Fun Facts”). Once your bird comes to you and lets you handle him, you can add another budgie if you would like. “Keep in mind that if you decide to go that route, you will need to spend at least 4 hours a day with your bird to give him the minimal social stimulation he needs.”


“The word parakeet refers to small birds with long, flat tail.” “Other well known parakeets are the Indian ringneck parakeet and the South American quaker parakeet.” (“Parakeet Fun Facts”).

The following are some interesting facts about parakeets:

  • Almost all Parakeets are blue, green, and yellow.
  • The parakeet is the most popular budgie to keep it as a pet.
  • The parakeets don’t grow they only grow about 4 to 7 inches
  • They have long tails. (“Facts about Parakeets”)


Here are some interesting nicknames for parakeets:


(“Facts about Budgerigars”)


Parakeets love to eat fresh berries, greens and fruits, but they will primarily munch on:

  • “NUTS”

(“Facts about Budgerigars”)


Parakeets are so fun that you want to keep buying them and keep playing with them. They are nice with their owner because the parakeets get use to you really fast. They like to play a lot with their owners. When they are with their mates they fly all around the cage and play together with the toys or they play fight together. I love parakeets because they are so playful.

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