Have You Ever Been Bullied?

June 2, 2014
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June 25, 2014

Have You Ever Been Bullied?

Written by Abdi Mberwa an ESL student at Oracle Charter high school in Buffalo, NY.

Bullying is the major reason why some students don’t want to go to school. Bullying can occur online but mostly takes place in or outside of school. Bullying can affect students in a very serious and harmful way. Even though bullying can affect students in a very hurtful way, there are numerous reasons why people bully others.

Reasons for Bullying

A person bullies another for a reason. During school a person will bully another so they can make themselves popular. The bully will pick out a person who seems weak and not at their level (Gordon, “10 Reasons Why Kids Are Bullied”).“ Like all bullies, they’re cowards underneath the swagger”(Pattinson, “Bullying Quotes”). Bullies sometimes say that they are just messing around or just playing, but not everyone likes being treated like that. Some people bully to look tough and feel powerful. Many bully because they have been bullied themselves. The bully will seek out people “for revenge” and see how others like it when they are bullied.

Also many people bully someone because they feel jealous. When the bully sees someone getting more attention, then they will see that person as a target and will try to put them down through bullying.

Phoebe Prince was a 15-year-old Irish immigrant, a student at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts. Pheobe hanged herself two days before the winter cotillion dance at her school. Pheobe (sic), a newcomer to the school, was a victim of cyberbullying about her date for that dance, a senior football player.  Phoebe was subjected to an onslaught of bullying and was called “Irish slut” and “whore” on Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook and Formspring, and in person at the school. Even after her death, the girls left vicious messages on a Facebook page created in her memory. ( Pure Sight: Online Child Safety).

Effect on the victim:

Bullying can affect people in many ways.  Bullying can cause psychological problems and can cause suicide. In a class a student who has been bullied may be afraid to participate in class because he or she is scared of the consequences (“Teen Help”). Most victims are told that if they tell on the bully then it will get worst. Many drop out of school just to avoid being bullied.

When bullying goes too far it may cause victims to commit suicide. Victims will feel like no one cares for them and that their lives mean nothing. Grace McComas, a 15-year-old Glenelg High School sophomore is from Baltimore, whose favorite color was bluetook her life on Easter Sunday, to end the pain of a cyberbullying campaign against her ( Pure Sight: Online Child Safety). Another victim of bullying stated, “ As a victim of bullying for many years, I know first hand what it’s to feel completely alone and to hate yourself”(QuotesValley.com).  Bullying may also cause the victims to be so scared that they end their own life. Victims feel as if there is no hope.

In Conclusion:

Many people have been bullied. Bullying has very negative effects on people. It can cause problems related to mental health issues, dropping out of school, and committing suicide. People bully so they can become popular or look tough. Other time bullies bully because they are jealous and feel as if someone is getting more attention.

Bullies may tell the victims that if they “snitch” then the punishment will get worse. If you experienced bullying, tell an adult because it is the best way to get help.  Also, remember that bullying is never acceptable and cannot be seen as a joke.


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