Why is coding an important skill for students?

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November 10, 2014
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December 15, 2014

Why is coding an important skill for students?

In my years in the Nerd Herd at Oracle Charter high school,  the other members and I have learned a lot of interesting things. The most interesting thing  I’ve learned recently is how to code. This skill has helped me figure out that after high school I want to have a career in web design which involves coding. The main questions I want to answer in this blog  are:  “What is coding?” and “Why is it important?”

Coding is providing a computer or machine with coded instructed for automatic performances of a task, such as in a computer or mobile application, or a website or game. The difficult part that there is a lot of coding languages, which are a set of conventions used for programing. Some of them are very popular, like Javascript and Html. After I got into coding I found ones that I never knew about like Ruby, Jquery, Python etc. These aren’t all for the same thing. Each language is used differently. For example, C++ is used for creating games, whereas Java is used for creating object-oriented memory which is based on objects that are structured data for games, and Html is used for creating websites.

There are many ways to get into coding, but the way I got into coding was through a website called Codecademy. Codecademy has Html, Javascript, Jquery,PHP, Python, and Ruby lessons. Each language is separated into mini sections where you learn the basics at first and later get into the difficult stuff as you progress. If you feel confident with your skills there are mini projects that can be done by following the steps that are given and inserting code into the project. If you do it correctly the action will happen. Some include APIs (Application Programing Interface), tools for building an application mostly expressing software components in terms of operations, output, input, and building the application. Codecademy has a few, like Youtube, Wepay, Twitter, Soundcloud and Evernote. These aren’t quite the same as skills exercises, but before you click on them it tells you what you should know about before starting the API.

There are also projects like creating a mini website, animating your name, or making a profile about yourself. Creating a profile about yourself and creating a website can work together to make an online resume. I have done a few of the projects like creating the profile and animating my name. Codecademy isn’t the only coding website. Some other coding websites are Code Avengers, Code School, Treehouse, and Learnstreet. I haven’t tried any of the other coding websites yet but after seeing them I want to find out how they differ from Codecademy. If coding websites isn’t the thing for you, coding tutorials can be found on Youtube. The only thing you need are the computer programs needed for completing these tutorials. Many of them are freeware. Notepad++ and FileZilla are good programs that are used to complete the tutorials.

Now to answer the most important question: why is coding important? Because coding is used everywhere: video games, websites, apps… everywhere. Without coding Facebook would just be a square block, no one would be able to do anything in it. Plus video games wouldn’t have advanced to where they are now with great graphics and story, games would be still in the age of the Atari. People who can code are in high demand in the job market now, and will remain in demand long after I graduate and start looking for a job.  Big companies and small companies need programmers, and there are opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals or small groups who program for websites, games and apps.

Coding opens the door to many interesting activities. It teaches you new ways to think, and brings the opportunity for high paying jobs in a wide variety of industries.  Whether you create the next Grand Theft Auto or the next Facebook, or help a bank secure people’s money, the possibilities for coding are everywhere.

I’m glad I discovered coding now as it has given me a taste of what I hope to do in college as I major in web design.


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