Get Motivated Weekly With ET The Hip Hop Preacher [VIDEO]

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November 16, 2016
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December 1, 2016

Yesterday was Motivational Monday and Phoenix Family we want to get your week started with some motivation. We know that this year is coming to an end and there is a lot we are all looking forward to in 2017. Although 2017 is close we want you to remember to finish 2016 strong. For your strong finish: Complete and submit all of your assignments, study hard (and well) for all of your tests and quizzes, ask your teachers for extra help when you need it (they want to see you win!), and show up everyday with intentions to finish strong.  

To keep you motivated for a strong finish we would like to introduce you to #TGIM (Thank God Its Monday) with The Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas. Listen and learn weekly as he encourages you to stay focused and motivated!

This week’s #TIGM focus is:  “The Grind Don’t Stop.”  

Watch, Listen, Learn and Get Motivated!

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