Oracle Charter School Students Visit Unyts And Learn About WNY’s Only Organ, Eye, Tissue & Community Blood Center

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Oracle Charter School Students Visit Unyts And Learn About WNY’s Only Organ, Eye, Tissue & Community Blood Center

According to nearly 124,000 people in the United States are waiting for a lifesaving organ; more than 12,000 of those waiting are our fellow New Yorkers. Thousands more are waiting for life enhancing tissue and eye donations. This staggering statistic explains why it is so important to be educated and to support Unyts, WNY’s only Organ, Eye, Tissue and Community Blood Center.



Friday December 2nd a group of students took a tour of the Unyts facility on Broadway. According to “Unyts is among the leading procurement organizations in the United States, and is one of the only eight centers nationwide to house organ, tissue and eye procurement in one location. With the addition of Community Blood Service, Unyts has become the first organization of its kind nationwide. Unyts operates as a non-profit serving the eight counties of Western New York and works to assist donor families, coordinate the donation process and increase knowledge and awareness within the community regarding transplantation.

Unyts routinely has helped to secure higher rates of donation in Western New York than the national average. When approached following the death of a loved-one for organ donation, Western New York families are very generous. In 2014 the Unyts conversion rate was 81.5%– the national average was 63.2%. Due to these numbers, Unyts is ranked as one of the top procurement organizations nationwide. As recently as 1997, Unyts had just 200 donors; in 2014 the organization surpassed 1,200.

The organization’s network and success have gone hand-in-hand, and as a result, Unyts has been able to spread the message that transplantation is vital – and transplantation saves lives.”


While on the Unyts tour students learned about organ, blood, and tissue donation and how important it is to donate. The students became so interested in Unyts that they have decided to have a blood drive at Oracle Charter School Dec 21.

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