Oracle Charter School Student’s Recognized During Lunch With Leaders [PHOTOS]

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January 23, 2017
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January 30, 2017

Oracle Charter School Student’s Recognized During Lunch With Leaders [PHOTOS]


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


Last Week Oracle Charter School’s leadership recognized students who showed and exemplified stellar character, leadership and great strides during the month of January at our monthly “Lunch with Leaders” event.


Students were treated to a catered lunch with leadership where parents and loved ones were invited to attend.

Congrats to the following students:

Sesmone Washington

Tyler Elhart

Shavon Feagin’Dalejah Drayton

Keziah Shallowhorn

Jah-zier Redrern

Roderick Moppins

Karrin Morrow

Zahraa Alabassi

When selecting the students to be recognized our Oracle Family nominated students and shared their reasons for nomination. Here is what was said about these amazing students:


Ms. Amy Myska, Teacher – “SesMonie is a positive addition to my class.  She stays on task, encourages other to complete work.  She has a great attitude and works hard, even when she’s not feeling well.”


Mr. Ryan Weinstein, Teacher – “Tylor’s work effort and behavior have very much improved lately.”


Ms. Hamilton –  Teacher “Shavon Feagin …She is always on time, respectful, in uniform and she has outstanding participation … she responds well to higher level questions in class… she really takes her work seriously!”


Mr. Schroeder, Teacher – “Zahraa Alabassi…excellent student; diligent worker, especially with the hurdles English poses.”


Mr. Schroeder, Teacher – “Roderick Moppins is plugged into everything going on at OCS; inquisitive and really seems committed to this being a better school.”


Mr. Schroeder, Teacher  – “Karin Morrow truly wants OCS to grow and reach its potential.”


Ms. Brown, Teacher – “Jah-zier Redfern- He is unafraid to be a leader.  I asked Jah-zier to do the class annotations and he stepped up and did them beautifully and professionally.”


Ms. Thompson, Dir. of Comm. & Outreach –  “Dalejha, for her bravery and leadership in making a bad situation better and learning from it. Dalejha also makes use of the awesome resources available to her at Oracle and is committed to the school’s and her personal success.”

Ms. Thompson, Dir. of Comm. & Outreach –   “Keziah, for her amazing talent and using it to represent OCS in the community through participation in Buffalo Center for the Arts and Technology. This holiday season, Keziah sang with a group and solo in front of thousands of people at the Canalside Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Keziah is also always kind, respectful and hardworking while at school.”

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