Academic Writing Classes: Top 5 Online Classes for College Students

Academic writing is an essential skill any college student needs to master for having success during the degree. No presential attendance is necessary if you want to improve your skills writing papers or essays, a good online course is more than enough. Here you have a list of the best academic writing online courses.

BBC’s Academic Writing Resources

BBC’s Learning English website offers a series of 10 activities to improve your academic writing skills perfect for beginners. The topics you can find in this site are essay structure, academic vocabulary, the language of academic argument, criticism and evaluation, and more. Some lessons are divided into sessions which include videos and activities. The content is completely free to access.

TUMx’s Academic Writing Made Easy

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), considered one of the leading universities in the European Union, create a MOOC to help students ease the pain of writing an academic text. This 6-week-duration course starts with rhetorical preferences, then genre, writing process, and ends teaching how to put it all together. The only prerequisite of this MOOC is having at least an upper-intermediate English level. In order to take this course, students need to sign up in edX. TUM’s offer is free, and you can have a certificate for 44$.

Berkeley’s Academic and Business Writing

With already 311,000 enrolled students, Berkeley’s online course is one of the best options for beginners among this list. Unlike TUM’s course, this MOOC does not require a high level of English, on the contrary, it is addressed to people who are still English learners. In addition, apart from academic writing skills, this course will teach business skills as well. Some of the contents are persuasive writing techniques, essay writing, proofreading, and self-editing. The course is also offered by edX, then applies the same price as above.

Stanford’s Writing in the Sciences

This course is offered by Coursera, another leading platform in online teaching. According to the site’s description, Writing in the Sciences teaches how to be more effective in writing through exercises and examples. The course includes topics as principles of good writing, the scientific format for manuscripts, peer review, and more. The time you will need to complete this course is around 30 hours. With an average score of 4,9 out of 5, this course is a great option especially for mastering writing skills for the health field. You can sign up for free but if you want to access all the content and receive the certificate you will have to pay. In case you need it, financial aid is available.

Irvine’s Academic English: Writing

To finish this list, here you have a full specialization program offered by the University of California, Irvine. To complete this program you will need about 6 months as long as you dedicate 4 hours to it every week. Irvine’s offer includes 5 courses:

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Getting Started with Essay Writing
  • Advanced Writing
  • Introduction to Research for Essay Writing

and finish with a project which consists of writing your own research paper about a topic of your choice. This offer is also available on Coursera.