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Oracle Charter School provides Buffalo students with a college preparatory high school education.  Beginning with Oracle’s Freshman Academy, Oracle emphasizes reading comprehension to ensure students are ready for a rigorous  High School curriculum. Oracle integrates the curriculum with arts and technology to enliven the classrooms.

The high school curriculum requires students to take:

• Four years of English;

• Four years of Social Studies;

• Three years of Math

• Three years of Science;

• Students at all grade levels may be invited to participate in honors classes, and the high school curriculum includes AP course options.

MQM_2324Our School Curriculum Places An Emphasis On:

  • Critical Thinking.  We emphasize reading, critical thinking, and the sharing of ideas.
  • Collaboration. Teachers within the academic core areas (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science) develop their curricula collaboratively with an emphasis on creating “curricular conversations” within the school. We are driven to meet — and then exceed — state performance standards in order to provide a challenging and meaningful education for our students.
  • Arts & Technology Integration. Oracle faculty integrates both arts and technology in order to deepen, broaden, and enhance their curricula. Both the arts and technology engage student interest and allow students and teachers to approach difficult subject matter from a different perspective.