At Oracle, we use the ESL classroom to celebrate the different languages and cultures of our English language learner (ELL) students. While embracing life in the United States and increasing English language proficiency, we encourage our students to share aspects of their vastly rich and diverse language and cultural heritages.

Overall, the ESL classroom is a dynamic, joyous and open place where students can freely participate in their own learning. We encourage students to engage freely in open class discussions and exchange ideas according to their own levels and abilities.


All instruction — which is NYS standards-based and aligned to the Common Core — is enjoyable, yet rigorous. In addition to the students participating in special projects, we strive to boost academic success by engaging students in both language- and content-related instruction. Ample research has shown that content comprehension builds language proficiency and vice-versa.

Via explicit instruction and differentiated learning, we ensure the break down of concepts and provide context to assist with student understanding. Each student is provided with plenty of individual attention and encouraged to proceed at his or her own level. Instruction is catered to each student’s language and cultural background, proficiency level (see NYSESLAT), and learning styles (auditory, visual, etc.).

On the whole, we encourage students to develop strong open relationships with all of their teachers so that they can ask clarifying questions as soon as they do not understand a certain concept or lesson. Catching misunderstandings and/or reviewing unmastered material immediately is one of the keys to student success.


Each year in the spring, ELLs in all grades K-12 take the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT). The results of this test are used to measure students’ progress in learning English and determine how much ESL and ELA the student should receive daily at school. The test is comprised of four (4) subtests:


At Oracle, we provide our ELL students with extensive NYSESLAT preparation and review activities to get them ready (both emotionally and academically) for this four-part exam.

For more information, please click on the link below which provides parents with a separate Brochure and Score Report, which are both available in English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Haitian-Creole, and Chinese: