January 20, 2014

Thank-you For Making My Day

I came in to the office this morning, and there was water in the coffee maker. It started my day with a grateful smile. I realized that there has been water in the coffee maker for the last couple of months, thank-you.
January 10, 2014

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

If you or someone you know is suicidal there are ways to get help for your issues. The idea is to assure that “you are not alone.” There are people who can help you, such as your school counselor, a parent, a loved one, or a trusted adult.
January 10, 2014

So You Want To Be A Veterinarian

One career I am interested in is to be a veterinarian.
November 20, 2013

Mrs. James – by Daijah Franklin

Mrs. James Point Of View, by Dai’Jah, a student at Oracle Charter high school based on “Mrs. James” by Alice Childress   Hi my name is Dai’Jah […]