College Prep

May 23, 2017

2 Essential SAT Tips and Strategies That Will Help You Rock The SAT

With the SAT on the way here are some tips and strategies that will keep you focus on test day and help you understand how to […]
January 23, 2017

Midterm Week is Upon Us!

Hi, Oracle Students and Parents! Midterm week is upon us and we know leading up to this week can be a bit stressful. Understanding the stress […]
November 16, 2016

Got Goals?: Oracle Is Setting SMART Goals To Get Smart Results

  If you’re not there yet, what are some things that you look forward to for your Senior year of high school? If you’ve been there, […]
April 8, 2014


The magical blend of identifying a career that satisfies is really a simple recipe. When you identify the intersection of passions (interests), skills (abilities), and opportunities you begin to create the bull’s-eye known as strengths, and it is within one’s strengths that the possibility of a successful and fulfilling career lives.