How to Start School Off on the Right Foot

…a letter to students from Oracle Charter School ELA teacher, Ms. Brown Dear Student, New year.  Fresh start.  Clean slate. Opportunity.  This is what immediately comes to mind when I think of starting a new school year. The advantage of a new school year is just that, it’s a new start.  Don’t misunderstand me; when […]


Congratulations on your Commitment to your Future

It is difficult to talk about commitment without mentioning sports or cliches like “give it your all,” “practice makes perfect”, or “giving 110%”. It is definitely true that in making a commitment to a team or a project you should give it your all and not take that commitment lightly.

But, another side of commitment exists that seems to get overlooked, a quieter commitment, the commitment to the self.


Students Stereotyped

Stereotyping is not an isolated incident. Our students face this reality often. Many in our community, and the area at large, perceive that our young men and women can’t succeed in school because of the dysfunction of urban school districts.