Student writing

July 1, 2015

Stock Market Success

The Stock Market Game is a computer game that allows students from different schools around the state compete to see who can make the most amount of money.
March 20, 2015

What is an operating system?

By:William Koschnick a current student at oracle charter school Have you ever gone on a computer or phone and wondered what made everything on the screen […]
January 20, 2015

Sometimes “new school” can be as good as “old school”

There seems to have been a lot of remakes and sequels in the last 5 years. Some remakes might be considered bad, but in my opinion I feel like there are really good remakes. In my opinion, one really good remake was Carrie done in 2013.
December 15, 2014

How to Succeed in High School

These are some of the lessons I have learned in my years as a high schooler and hope this helps anyone worried about their high school experience. Be true to yourself, your friends, and your passion and you will have great success in your time at high school.