School Mission

Oracle Charter School provides a college preparatory education that empowers all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible citizens, able to meet life’s challenges, and succeed.


At Oracle Charter School, we:

  • create community by accepting and embracing individual differences;
  • learn together, challenge one another, and persevere in our pursuit of excellence; and
  • accept responsibility for our choices and ensure the accountability of others.

Through our words, we rise; by our actions, we soar.


School Staff Core Beliefs

  1. Every attempt should be made to maintain the dignity of both the adult and the student.
  2. Misbehavior should be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem solving and preparation for the real world as opposed to a personal attack on the school or staff.
  3. Students should have the opportunity to tell their side of the story (due process hearing) when consequences appear to be unfair.
  4. Students should be given the opportunity to make decisions and live with the results, whether the consequences are good or bad.
  5. There should be a logical connection between misbehavior and resulting consequences.
  6. Those that cause harm need to participate in restorative practices to promote healing.


Community Compact for Excellence

If we are to do our best work and treat each other with respect and care, it is essential that we at Oracle Charter School agree to:

  • Respect different points of view and remain open minded in the face of our differences;
  • Be fair in relation to all stakeholders in our words, thoughts and actions;
  • Offer alternatives and seek new solutions to persistent challenges;
  • Be positive and productive; and
  • Have fun!

Community Pillars

Oracle Charter School is a community founded on the pillars of:

  • Non-Violence,
  • Academic Achievement, &
  • Responsibility