Click here for the PDF version of the Behavioral Contract that can be downloaded, printed, signed, and mailed to:

Oracle Charter School

888 Delaware Ave

Buffalo, NY 14209


The staff at Oracle Charter School is committed to providing a safe and orderly environment in our school community.  We are certain that you will agree that the best schools are those where parents work cooperatively with teachers to shape student conduct in a fashion which will minimize distractions.  It is difficult for learning to take place in classrooms where disruptive student behaviors are allowed.  To this end, the staff at Oracle Charter School is requesting the cooperation of all parties to establish such an environment by agreeing to some basic understandings.  Please read the list of basic rules below and discuss them with your child.  These are common sense rules or “understandings” which are or should be in place in all schools.

·         Fighting is not permitted or excused for any reason.

·         Weapons of any description (guns, knives, scissors, bats, clubs, lighters, sticks, body sprays, aerosol cans, etc.) are not permitted on the premises for any reason.

·         Under NYS Education Law §§ 10-18 and 801a, Oracle Charter School has adapted the Dignity for All Students Act which provides students with an environment fee of discrimination and harassment.  Therefore, threatening to harm classmates, “bullying,” causing emotional distress, creating a climate of fear, etc., directly or indirectly through a third party or via any electronic communication device (email, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram”, etc.) will not be tolerated for any reason. (More information is available at:

·         Possession of any illegal substance, including alcohol or prescription drugs without a current verifiable doctor’s prescription, is not permitted for any reason. Clearly, the abuse of any non-prescription medication is also forbidden.

·         Smoking and any other form of tobacco use in school, or on school grounds is not permitted.

·         Students are expected to comply with all established school wide and classroom rules and procedures; specifically, students are expected to raise hands when contributing in class and to remain quiet while the teacher is instructing.

·         Use of a cell phone (sending or receiving and including “texting”), other electronic communication device, or electronic devices (ie., camera, iPod, iPad, tablet)  in school is not allowed and will result in the device being confiscated by any member of the staff and will have to be collected by a parent/guardian.

·         Students are expected to be present and on time for school.  School policy dictates that, following eight (8) absences in a semester class or sixteen (16) absences in a full year class, a student may receive no course credit.

·         Oracle students represent our school in the larger community.  We expect our students to behave in a manner which serves as a credit to themselves and their school community while transitioning to and from school and while participating in any school sanctioned (dances, field trips, athletic contests, etc) event.

·         Oracle Charter School has a uniform policy.  All students are expected to conform to this policy by wearing only approved uniforms while in attendance at school at all times unless granted permission to wear other clothing by the Head of School.  This policy is designed to minimize distractions which can be caused by fashion trends which often result in wearing inappropriate clothing or wearing clothing inappropriately (pants must be worn at the waist, skirts slightly above the knee, etc.).  Further, students are strongly encouraged to keep a spare uniform set in their lockers.

The staff at Oracle Charter School is committed to making our school the best in the region.  Your cooperation will assist us in turning that dream into a reality.  Your signature below serves as a contract between the home and school and to verify that you and your child have read the above “understandings” and agree to them.