Oracle Charter School is committed to providing all students, staff members, volunteers, instructional staff members, administrators, parents and visitors, a safe and civil educational environment that is free from bullying, harassment and intimidation. Bullying, harassment and intimidation of any kind is prohibited on or off school property, at any school sponsored function or field trip, or on a school issued mode of transportation.  Because we are dedicated to maintaining a climate of respect and responsibility, anyone who knows of such an act occurring is mandated to immediately inform the Director of Student Life.


Oracle Charter School deems bullying, harassment and intimidation as an unwelcomed or unreasonable behavior that demeans, threatens or humiliates people either as individuals or as a group.  These unwarranted behaviors can be identified as a gesture, written note, verbal statement, graphic, electronic transmission or physical act, that could lead to the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person. Some examples of bullying, harassment and intimidation are listed below.

  • excluding or threatening to exclude
  • spreading rumors
  • gossiping
  • ostracizing
  • alienating
  • using threatening looks or gestures
  • extortion
via Internet
or phone
  • harass
  • intimidate
  • degrade

Bullying and intimidation is punishable by, but not limited to:

·         parent conference

·         mediation

·         referral to Child Study Team

·         referral to Counseling Department

·         Friday detention

·         referral to School Resource Officer (police)

·         in-school suspension

·         out-of-school suspension

·         immediate due process and/or expulsion from school

The basic procedures for how to report bullying are:

1.      Report bullying either verbally or in writing to the Dean of Students (DoS).  There are Bullying Incident forms in the morning meeting room, in the front office, outside of the DoS office or email the DoS at . There is also an electronic form on the school website.

2.      Please provide any evidence, such as printouts of text messages or witness testimonies to expedite the investigation.

3.      Please include whether mediation would be enough to resolve this issue.

Teachers will also follow the same procedure when reporting cases of bullying observed in class.

The investigation will ensue as such:

1.      The investigation of a report will begin at most 24 hours, one school day, after a report is made.

2.      A thorough and systematic investigation will occur.

a.       Both parties will be interviewed separately using the OCS Interview Form.

b.      Any bystanders who witness the event(s) in question will also be interviewed.

3.      In all cases parents of both parties involved will be informed of the incident.

a.       In serious cases the parents may be asked to participate in a meeting with the DoS at which the findings of said investigation will be discussed.

4.      Severe cases may warrant the consultation of a School Resource Officer.

If the result of the investigation finds the report to be true, the outcome of the investigation may include, but is not limited to:


1.      Using the OCS Resolution Form, a plan of action will be created and agreed upon by both parties.

2.      The “bully” will undergo a series of appointments with the DoS to discover possible changes that could be made in his/her behavior.

3.      The “victim” will undergo a series of appointments with the guidance counselor for continued support and assistance.

4.      The “bully” will be asked to apologize either verbally or in a written statement. This apology can be administered either face-to-face or through the DoS.

5.      Reconciliation between both parties.

6.      Mediation will take place between both parties.

7.      In serious cases suspension or even expulsion will be considered.

8.      The “bully” will be issued a Daily Report Card (DRC) to monitor his/her daily behavior.

If the result of the investigation finds the report to be false, the outcome of the investigation may include, but is not limited to:

1.      Reconciliation between both parties.

2.      Exclusion from a school event.

3.      In serious cases, an in-school or out-of-school suspension will be considered.


  1. An informal investigation will be conducted to guarantee that both parties are following the resolution.
  2. Further action may be taken if the resolution is not being upheld.

^Please note:  Information contained in this policy has been adapted from Kidscape (, The Bully Police (, and The Model Antibullying Policy from the State of Michigan (

Dignity Act Implementation 2012


·         Revised by Board of Trustees in accordance with Dignity Act requirements

·         Student & Family Handbook posted on website (August 1st, 2012)

·         Students, Staff and Parents will be informed of the provisions specified in the Dignity Act provisions specified in the Student & Family Handbook (August 2012)

·         Summary of the Student & Family Handbook provided to all students in an age-appropriate version, written in plain language to ensure that students understand the standards of respect and appropriate behavior that the school community expects of them (August 2012)

REPORTING (obligation of all school personnel)

·         It is the obligation of anyone who witnesses an act of harassment at school to report the act to the Dean of Students

·         Reports may be made by any member of the school community (student, parent, teacher, aide, monitor, volunteer, staff member, etc)

·         Reports may be made verbally to a student’s teacher, administrator, or school personnel

·         Reports may be submitted in writing, including electronically, anonymously or by identifying party

·         All reports will be investigated

·         Reporting system will be made known to all school constituents

·         Forms will be available on the school website, in the front office, morning meeting room and by the Dean of Students office

·         Written reports will be submitted to the mailbox of the Dean of Students

·         Reports will be reviewed by the Dean of Students and Student Support Team within 24 hours of receipt (one school day)


The goal is to end bullying, harassment and intimidation, prevent future incidents, ensure the safety of the student(s) targeted and obtain prompt, equitable resolution to a complaint.


·         Whenever a complaint of bullying is received, whether verbal or written, it will be subject to a preliminary review and investigation.

·         The Dean of Students shall make all reasonable efforts to resolve complaints informally.

·         The investigation process will be started and assigned by DoS.

·         Targeted student(s) (victim) will be interviewed by trained personnel (DoS, Guidance Counselor, Student Support Staff) using the OCS Interview Form.

·         Accused student(s) (bully) and witnesses will be interviewed by the DoS or Student Support Staff member using the OCS Interview Form.

·         The forms will be submitted to the DoS.


·         The DoS will determine as to whether the complainant needs any accommodations to ensure his/her safety.

·         The DoS will review all reports.

·         The OCS Resolution Form will be completed by the DoS and signed by all parties involved, indicating the investigation has taken place.

·         The DoS will report back to all parties the outcome of the investigation and the action taken to resolve the complaint.

·         The DoS will impose and document consequences if charged on the OCS Resolution Form.

·         In some cases a parent conference will be held.

·         All plans of support for the bully or victim(s) will be documented on the OCS Resolution Form.

·         The situation will be informally followed-up a few weeks after the resolution.

·         A report will be appropriately documented as per New York State Education requirements.


Appropriate consequences may range from a warning to expulsion from school.  Listed below are some consequences that may be imposed.

·         Parent conference

·         Mediation

·         Referral to Child Study Team

·         Referral to Counseling Department

·         Friday detention

·         Referral to School Resource Officer (police)

·         In-school suspension

·         Out-of-school suspension

·         Immediate due process and/or expulsion from school