MQM_0459As a Buffalo public high school, New York State funding supports much of Oracle Charter School’s operating expenses. However, our charter high school only receives 70% of the Buffalo school district’s per-pupil operating funds and receives no additional funding for transportation and facilities.

How Donations Help Oracle Charter School

  • $10,000 funds a 10 week SAT prep course for all of Oracle’s juniors
  • $7,500 supports 30 seniors participating inOracle’s Internship Program
  • $5,000 provides graphing calculators for 50 low-income students
  • $3,500 provides opportunities for junior students to take a college tour of mid-Atlantic and Historically Black college campuses
  • $2,000 purchases daily planners for all enrolled students
  • $1,000 provides graphing calculators for 10 low-income students
  • $750 outfits 10 students in full uniform
  • $500 purchases two digital video cameras for classroom support of technology integration
  • $250 supports busing for a field trip or athletic event
  • $100 purchases school supplies for five students