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The Road to College Starts at Oracle Charter School
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As a public charter school, Oracle Charter School is open to all students in Western New York who apply. Applications received after April 1 will be accepted in order received, as space is available.

Admission to Oracle Charter School is non-selective and non-discriminatory. We welcome students regardless of prior academic achievement, disability, English language proficiency, gender, race, or religion. Admissions preference is, however, given to siblings of currently enrolled students.


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888 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209.

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About Oracle’s Lottery and Waiting List

Oracle conducts a lottery with all applications received by April 1 each year. Students who are not admitted during the April lottery are placed on our waiting list. As families make final decisions about whether or not to attend Oracle Charter School, seats may become available through the summer months. In this case, the school calls students from the waiting list in the order determined by our lottery.

Oracle Charter School’s waiting lists do not carry over from year to year. Please resubmit an application if your student was unable to attend Oracle last year, but you are still interested in enrollment.