What’s Life Like at Oracle Charter School?

Activities Outside the Classroom

Part of preparing our students for college — and beyond — includes encouraging participation in valuable activities outside the classroom. At Oracle Charter High School, students have the chance to get involved in:

Oracle students are also active in the local community through community service opportunities.

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Expectations for Student Conduct

Whether on the field, or in the classroom, we set high standards for student conduct. We expect our students to:

  • Be serious about their academic studies.
  • Respect their teachers, coaches, peers, and the school’s learning environment.
  • Follow the school’s code of conduct.
  • Be on time to school every day.
  • Be on time for class.
  • Be prepared to learn, with all necessary classroom materials (books, pens, etc.) before class begins.
  • Complete assigned homework.
  • Take responsibility for and accept the consequences of their actions.

Insubordination, derogatory and expletive language, threatening behavior and language, and electronics or headgear during the school day are not tolerated.

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